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Everlasting Hardwoods

Consider, if you will, the physical environment where you live, work, and play. In most instances, the foundations of the structures that surround you are crafted from wood and wood products. From the skeletal framework of a home, meticulously placed lumber is fashioned to support the remaining appointments applied by the tools of the craftsman.

Within the words of historical significance, wood plays a vital role in both the creation and destruction of our known world. From the ancient cities of Egypt, to the dynasties of Chinese Emperors, all have relied on the lasting attributes from natures forests. As the sea tossed the vessels crafted from the timbers of European stock, calling upon adventurers to chart unknown and mysterious depths, led to the discovery of a new world. These acknowledgements belong to a period defined by the accessibility and trustworthiness of wood.

Apart from the constructive aspects of wood, another property that enhances the allure to the craftsman is the ability to manipulate its rough exterior, transforming it to an object of beauty. From the ornate carvings found in the palaces of royalty, or the simple fashioning of a wood frame embracing the canvas of the renaissance artist, the versatility of wood can be found.

Another method of transforming the simple, into extraordinary, is the usage of woods durability and warmth of appearance to the exterior or interior living space by means of decking. This method of providing a functional platform, while accentuating the handsome appeal of earth tone qualities, has gained popularity over time. Japanese gardens showcase the subtly of elegance with the placement of intricate wood patterns.

Decking, the practical and cosmetic features of its installation are important considerations, as well the materials used. There are inexpensive means of applying ground cover to facilitate the appearance of decking; however, for longevity and the overall satisfaction of the project, the purchase of quality hardwoods will stand the test of time.

Wood, in its natural condition, is self-contained by the outer layer of bark. After removal from the forest, being processed and distributed, this outer protection is absent. Most lumber treatment facilities supply lumber for use out-of-doors that resist rot and insect permeation; although, for additional protection after-market treatments can prolong the life of the item.

Other factors contribute to the overall success of the use of wood products whether inside or outside of the home. With interior, hardwood flooring, care should be exercised when moving large furniture items, and is recommended that protective caps be placed on items that have permanent footings. Additionally, the avoidance of harsh cleaning agents should be adhered to. Even though exterior decking requires minimal maintenance, excessive dirt or sand can cause surface damage over time and should be removed periodically.

From its ancient origins, to the modern day applications, the process of wood harvesting and the commercial production cannot remove its impact on society and the continuance of progress.